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Rajdeep Singh, O.D.

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Dr. Singh received his Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Binghamton University in upstate NY and his O.D. degree from Salus University, formerly known as Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dr. Singh has worked in some of the most prestigious eye care facilities, where he received Clinical Honors in every location, including:

  • Prado Vision and Lasik (Tampa, FL) providing direct primary care with a great emphasis on ocular disease and other invasive surgeries
  • Eye Care Associates (Raleigh, NC) providing full scope examinations with an emphasis on hard and soft contact lens fitting, with some specialty fits
  • The Eye Institute (Philadelphia, PA) providing advanced pediatric care, particularly in binocular vision workups, vision information perceptual testing, and infant population examinations.

He is comfortably trained in performing vision therapy for numerous binocular and vision perceptual disorders.