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Orthokeratology (CRT & VST)



What is Corneal Refractive Therapy [CRT] (Orthokeratology)?

Corneal Refractive Therapy is a non-surgical procedure in which Dr. Singh personally designs a series of rigid FDA-approved Paragon CRT lenses that are customized to create a gentle change in the shape of the cornea. They are worn while you sleep, and removed during the day. It is ideal for patients who want freedom from wearing glasses or day time contact lenses without undergoing surgery

Is CRT/Orthokeratology safe?

Paragon CRT Contact Lenses are the first therapeutic lens design approved by the FDA for overnight orthokeratology for the temporary reduction of myopia. Studies have shown that the risk of infection with overnight corneal reshaping lenses is similar to that of other overnight modalities.

Who is a good candidate for Corneal Refractive Therapy?

Orthokeratology can be effective for myopic (nearsightedness) and to a certain extent, astigmatism patients. You are also a great candidate if you need great vision without the use of contacts or glasses. You could also be a great candidate if you cannot wear soft contacts lenses due to allergies, inconvenience, dryness, etc.

Please call our office to set up a consultation appointment to see if you are a good candidate! '

Can Corneal Refractive Therapy/Orthokeratology stop my eyes from getting worse every year?

Studies have shown that nearsightedness progressed to a higher degree in patients wearing soft contact lenses versus orthokeratology molds.

Is Corneal Refractive Therapy permanent?

No, CRT only works as long as you continue treatment. If you stop wearing the molds regularly while you sleep, your vision and corneal shape will return to its original state as little as in a couple of days depending on how long the treatment was ongoing.

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Myopia Control for Children

Before we discuss the use of orthokeratology in kids’ eye care, let’s explain the basics of what it is and how it works. Typically called ortho-k, this cutting-edge treatment is an effective way for people with myopia (nearsightedness) to achieve clear vision without wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses during the daytime hours. Even after years of needing vision correction, ortho-k will allow you to leave your eyeglasses and contacts at home when you head out for the day. And this is all accomplished without a need for surgery.

Our eye doctor is experienced and skilled in fitting adults and children with ortho-k lenses. Many patients, young and older, have benefitted from the advantages of sharp vision after being fitted with orthokeratology in our office.

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Clear Vision – Without Eyewear

Also called vision shaping, ortho-k involves wearing specialized hard, gas permeable lenses while you sleep. These lenses gently mold your cornea into a new shape, thereby resolving any refractive error and correcting myopia. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be able to remove the lenses and enjoy crystal-clear eyesight. The effects generally last one to two days, so the ortho-k lenses must be inserted nightly on a regular basis.

Benefits of Ortho-k for Kids

Hapy Child With Braids Rye NYMyopia, always common in children, is an increasing problem. The number of kids who are nearsighted has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. The reason for this remains blurry, yet one possible culprit is the increased amount of time kids spend indoors gazing at digital screens, with limited exposure to natural light. Many parents are alarmed by their child’s need for a new vision prescription yearly, and parents and kids are disturbed by the increasing thickness of their eyeglass lenses.

Ortho-k offers an efficient way to slow, or possibly stop, the continued progression of nearsightedness in kids. In case you’re wondering why surgery isn’t a better option, keep in mind that laser procedures, such as LASIK, are not suitable for young children. As studies have demonstrated that orthokeratology is safe for all ages, it is currently regarded as the ideal option for myopia control in kids.

Additionally, ortho-k for kids also grants freedom to children who don’t want to be bothered by inconvenient eyewear. Frames are always falling off or being left behind, and replacement eyeglasses or repairs can run very high fees for parents. Ortho-k lenses are only worn in bed, so there’s virtually no risk of kids losing or damaging them. Regular contact lenses are often a poor choice for kids who spend a lot of their days in dusty, dirty playfields, and/or who are not able to commit to sterilizing contacts regularly.

Rye Eye Care's Myopia Control Center - Ortho-K for Kids

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Which kids are good candidates for ortho-k?

Any nearsighted child with healthy eyes is a possible candidate for orthokeratology. Regular eye exams with visual acuity testing are a necessary part of proper kids’ eye care. If your child has myopia and their vision prescription continually increases at each eye exam, ortho-k may be a good option. Our eye doctors will evaluate your child’s vision and ocular condition to determine candidacy.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss orthokeratology.