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Eye Doctor or Contact Lens Specialist | Rye, NY

Many of us can understand that every profession carries a range of experts. Where does this fit within optometry? Nearly any eye doctor can check for eye disease, write a prescription for new glasses, and teach someone how to put on contact lenses in a healthy fashion.

At Rye Eye Care, our eye doctor, Dr. Rajdeep Singh, O.D., provides a unique service using specialty contact lenses called Ortho-K lenses or corneal refractive therapy. Patients who wear Ortho-K lenses often want to have clear vision and drop wearing thick eyeglasses or juggle the daily schedule of contact lenses.

Orthokeratology is a unique service that can:

  • Manage myopia in children to slow the progression of their worsening nearsightedness.
  • Offers adults who want a safe option for vision correction through orthokeratology.

Among our years of experience, professionalism, and dedicated staff, Rye Eye Care’s expertise is a result of our excellent patient care and utilizing the latest innovations in eye care.

Our Focus is Our Patients

Girl Putting in Contact lens ft lauderdale

There are various eye doctors who promote themselves as contact lens specialists, yet we take a different approach.

At Rye Eye Care's Myopia Control Center, our eye doctors seek to help our patients achieve the best solution for their vision. Every patient has their vision evaluated by our eye doctors using advanced technology to create a solution that’s tailored for your needs.

Rye Eye Care Emphasizes Eye Health

The eye health of our patients is one of our highest priorities. Any patient that has high myopia, where their vision is worse than -4 diopters, is already at an increased risk of vision loss from eye disease or retinal detachment.

Corneal refractive therapy or orthokeratology has become a staple at our practice to protect the health of our patients. Any child that can prevent their eyesight from worsening, will retain healthier eyesight for the rest of their lives.